A story of a painting (in progress)

For the last month I’ve been working on a few paintings, two of which can be said to be somewhat finished, the other four just started in a way. I’ve been taking photos of the progress of one such painting which I’ll track here. At the moment I’m calling it VOID.

This is my under painting technique; go in with big gestural washes over top of oil pencil outlines. Then define the brightest parts with Fluro yellow. I love how the Fluro makes the paper appear lavender in comparison.

Here you can see the resource I’m using to paint the elephants skeleton from, It’s a page from an old National Geographic, quiet an upsetting story of a bunch of lions killing one of the elephant herd calf’s. In the morning they discover the remaining carcass and appear to get upset (as can be humanly imagined). I love how it’s not quiet right for us to feel sad for the elephants, as our friends the lions are not starving now.

In the background i’m using a portion of the North American Nebula as my “space-scape”, I don’t think I’m even using the part which has the area which looks like the North American landmass. When described in our visual sky, it has an “apparent dimension” of 120 x 100 arcmins (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minute_of_arc). Maybe I’m using only around 1/8th of that dimension again…

Hopefully I’ll make some progress on this painting this week!


Have added some texture to the mountainside, and are now working on adding a dinosaur outline as I felt the composition was off balanced.

UPDATE (September 30)

Still working on this painting, it’s a hard one, had to put it away for a while, currently looking for some new images to place over top.

Copyright © 2011 Anna Sharman. No material from these pages may be reproduced without prior consent.


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