Essence of New Zealand

Been working on this painting for a competition for Air NZ and my school Whitecliffe. Theme was ‘essence of New Zealand’

For this work I selected pictures based on New Zealand geography, wildlife, significant star arrangements and used a building structure from the local Auckland port. I saw a Goldfinch for seemingly the first time the other day and enjoyed its colourful appearance and was glad I could use it in a painting. They are not exactly a native of New Zealand but natives are not exactly the birds you encounter daily and are not exactly what I relate to my experience of New Zealand. I‘m a big fan of whales, in this particular case I unintentionally merged an Orca with a Blue whale. Here is a cool whale diagram picture  which shows scale. I am way way way off here. The mountain lines are from a picture I took looking out towards Massey, Auckland at dusk and the sky constellation (far left) is of the Matariki stars also known as the Seven Sisters. My favourite part of this painting is the Space Moa, Moa’s are awesome and it’s a shame they’re not around still.

Fingers crossed 🙂

Copyright © 2011 Anna Sharman. No material from these pages may be reproduced without prior consent.


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