Entry for Molly Morpeth Canaday Art Awards

Have just completed an entry to the Molly Morpheth Canaday art awards which exhibit this coming Friday. I made this work especially for the competition. I’ve been slowly working on it since mid December, not sure about what sort of theme I should aim for, then giving up on the idea of a forced theme and going with what I do best: randomness. A month into the painting, I picked up a copy of Stephen Hawking’s  A briefer history of time at the library which got me excited about time once again, and then fueled with new images from the latest Nat Geo, and a book on Natural catastrophes I was on my way. The painting has a sort of chaotic pull all up, and I’ve found staring at it too long a bit painful on the eyes. I named it ‘Cosmic Contraction’ due to it appearing to fall in on itself.

There is is hanging up in the exhibition.


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