New Painting- Wave motion

I recently completed this painting, and am going to consider it a learning curve…
This painting was something that was bound to happen eventually with the style I’ve been working with, its a great bit mush of images, and I’ve relied a lot on clean edges and shapes to push the images through. I feel like it is a part two, the first part being my entry into Molly Morpeth Cosmic contraction, this is it’s little clean cut sister.  I think I got a little too literally thinking about the waves that emit from everything. “In physics, a wave is a disturbance or oscillation that travels through spacetime, accompanied by a transfer of energy.” (thank you generic Wiki)

You may notice a little orange post-it note appearing in this painting… :3 a happy accident, I use the orange post it notes when doing my image referencing and research, and really liked the look and colour when contrasted with casual space, so decided to copy it exactly onto my painting… think I did a pretty fine job of it…

 I pointed the post-it at a little dot, to reference Carl Sargan’s book ‘Pale blue dot’ which I’m reading at the moment.

And in the background at the top is a larger post-it note shape, hidden by some mountains and a copper oval…


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