Anna in Wellington

Went to Wellies to see my art in the New Zealand Art show and the sites. This was my entry into the Signature Piece award, ‘Undiscovered Country 2011’














Here is the other work found in the big hall (thanks Rose), not sure where the other two entries were but I’m glad I found two of them. Worth the trip I recon, even if I didn’t sell anything. It was good to see my work with lots of other peoples, I think I have some better ideas for display methods for the future as well so a positive experience 🙂 I like to think of this show as the last time those particular paintings will make an appearance, they’ve been in three shows now, so its time to retire I think.

Desert Road—-> Probably the best thing ever.

In other news, some art school friends (Jeremy, Priscilla and Mel) and I have had our proposal accepted by Artstation in Town (Auckland) for an exhibition May next year, its focus is on the underlying renewal processes within the environment and culture. And its going to be awesome.

And in other Anna related news, painting detail:


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