Aid to Navigation – Entry into Molly Morpeth 2013



Here is my entry for this years Molly Morpeth C Awards, It started out with a sci-fi fan-fic images of a space woman looking out at a glowing planet/Earth, and I got a bit excited and tried to re-create the feeling. I’ve always liked when in movies you know they’re no on Earth cause there is some crazy stuff happening in the sky, like 5 moons or another planet so close you can see its atmosphere – unpractical but very scene setting. The works a bit simple, and spaced out, not much overlapping. I had a bit of theme going, navigational tools , such as land structure or moon or stars or buildings… 

At the bottom I sort of had an artist moment, where I was reflecting on my most popular piece at my graduation (Reweaving the world) and how much having a ‘popular’ piece can affect all paintings there-after and really create a bit of halt in the natural progressions and experiments. Also it happens to be quiet a famous photograph and I’m always worried about the tricky business of appropriation 🙂 but we’ll see.


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