Blue Spaces exhibition @ Waiheke Gallery 2012

Sent off this painting yesterday to Waiheke Island Community art gallery for their upcoming exhibition ‘Blue Spaces’ promoting Sea Week. I really like the ocean, so I jumped at a chance to make an artwork for his exhibition.

Little blurb I wrote about my inspiration here:

In this painting I have reflected images which represent the marine environment surrounding the Waiheke Island area, in particular the Hauraki Gulf. It is my understanding that individual oceans make up a whole, an all-ocean. Therefore what effects one area, will eventually effect another.

Panthalassa means Pan (All) and Thalassa (Ocean), I’ve been researching the origins of land and ocean, how all continents were once one large super-continent millions of years ago, pretty exciting stuff. I have to say I was a little influenced by Al Gores ‘An inconvenient truth’ Doco which I finally got around to watching last weekend, all his images of the water rising got my excited for painting ideas.


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