Anaesthetic of reality 2011

Anaesthetic of reality

[Series of 11 paintings, Acrylic on prepared paper]

Science, far from being detached and cold has become a source of awe inspiring observation and analysis. The more I discover about the universe and our place within it, the more enthusiastic I become to decode and understand its mysteries.

During my speculative inquiry into evolutionary biology and cosmology, I have come to the conclusion that although I comprehend facts worse than a Star Trek screen writer, I remain thoroughly intrigued with science’s  ability to say ‘we don’t really know for sure but here is what we think is going on,’ when faced with the obscure.

Within my paintings I have control over my misunderstandings and rearrange the information to depict new possibilities. These works are an expression of the excitement and curiosity I feel when I consider my existence in the universe and the theoretical ideas which suggest there may be other worlds, like Earth, other incredible systems of information, like ours.

A. Sharman Anaesthetic of reality, installation, November, 2011