STOLEN- Upstairs Gallery exhibition May 2015

stolen exhibition 2015

anna sharman STOLEN exhibiton

Megan Jefferies Work 2015
Megan Jefferies Work 2015


Rose Meyers work 2015
Rose Meyers work 2015





"feat. The lady of Shallot" by Anna Sharman
“feat. The lady of Shallot” by Anna Sharman
"feat. school of Athens" by Anna Sharman
“feat. school of Athens” by Anna Sharman

These 3 paintings incorporate images of art not mine, influential pieces which stood out for me at the time of painting. I took the curved window arch from Raphael’s The School of Athens, a strip of background landscape from Dali’s The persistence of memory and the oil lamp from Waterhouse’s The lady of Shalott. Asides from these more obvious snippets, I’ve let myself be influenced by other artists in the forms of colour combinations, formation of shapes and compositions.


Opens Thursday 7th May (6-7:30pm), on display to the public daily from 10-4:30 until 31st May

Rose Meyer, Anna Sharman and Megan Jeffries.

Ideas spring from things already seen, things already heard. The appropriation and re-use of these things; reformulated, become new artworks. Material influences are continuously stolen and incorporated covertly or unashamedly.

In this exhibition these three artists balance their work between; encompassing elements of the original and the stolen.

"feat. the persistence of memory" Acrylic on canvas
“feat. the persistence of memory” Acrylic on canvas

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