New Zealand Painting & Printmaking Award 2013 – Finalist



In the Constellation of Carina is my entry for this years award, I really like the freedom of this piece, I just let the images play out, and when I didn’t like something I turn it around. It seems to have worked well, I’m trying out a more obvious approach to my references, the cut-off lines to where a picture would end I have kept, which gives it most a plastered/ stuck on look. Theres something about that hot pink which is coming into all of the images, and I can’t help remember when I first used it two years back and it instantly gave a gamer-girl vibe to the whole thing – something which could get out of control. >_<. The shin-digs going down in Feb, so we’ll see how things go; also this will be the first time I’ve entered a work and framed it, its got glass, I’m more then apprehensive of the shine/glare.


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