The Homely Frontier | 2014

The Homely Frontier Anna Sharman 2014 The Vivian

The Vivian Gallery – 39 Omaha Valley Road, Matakana, R D 5 Warkworth, Auckland 0945

Phone: 09 422 9995, Email:          

29th March to 27th April 2014

Artists: Frances Hansen, Natalie Guy, Emma McLellan, Anna Sharman & Tessa Laird


The works are titled Ambivalence | Acrylic on hair dye and perfume packaging
Each work combines elements of colour, shape, and form to set a stage for the imagination to wander. While Earth provides a home for us now its security is not guaranteed for long. These works are an exploration of what may come next for us as we search for a new world. The works are painted on items of unnecessary indulgence, further reflecting my attempt at self gratification through nonsensical logic.

A. Sharman | 2014 | Ambivalence | Sold

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