The Homely Frontier -The Vivian 2014

The Homely Frontier  – 29th March to 27th April

The Vivian – 39 Omaha Valley Road, Matakana, R D 5 Warkworth, Auckland 0945

Phone: 09 422 9995           Email:

Frances Hansen, Natalie Guy, Emma McLellan, Anna Sharman & Tessa Laird.


I have 10 works in this exhibition, the group of works is called Ambivalence. Individually they are named 1-10.

Each work combines elements of colour, shape, and form to set a stage for the imagination to wander. While Earth provides a home for us now its security is not guaranteed for long. These works are an exploration of what may come next for us as we search for a new world. The works are painted on items of unnecessary indulgence, further reflecting my attempt at self gratification through nonsensical logic.

-Acrylic on perfume & hair dye packaging.


Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman

Anna next to her work.

Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman The Homely Frontier



Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman

Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman

Ambivalence 2014 Anna Sharman




Upcoming exhibition Over and Over

I’m in this exhibition coming up in May, here are the details 🙂


8 MAY – 26 MAY 2013
Opens 5-7pm Tuesday 7 May


Recreate, reuse, renew, recycle, reimagine.
Over and Over is a collective examination and interpretation
of what this Re- prefix can mean and become. An individuals life is an act of repetition from the small habits and interactions carried out every day to the more compelling events that are a part of all of us. This exhibition uses the act and process of recycling everyday materials, ideas and images to look at the way our personal, social and mental environments are a product of constant renewal, repetition and reinvention.

Upstairs, 1 Ponsonby Road,
Newton, Auckland 1011
Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Sat 10am-4pm
09 376 3221

Over and Over Brochure images (1)

The Trusts – Art and Sculpture awards exhibition

I entered my work into the Art and Sculpture awards and got into the main exhibition. That is me standing at the door because no photos allowed inside. I entered two new pieces which are from a similar line of investigation regarding the idea of the portal or jumpgate. Instead of doing a claustrophobic work like usual with many images, I used only two images for each of these painting. Trying to create some kind of harmony, but still aiming for nonsensical. Jumpgate 1.1 is on bamboo paper, which turns out does not like masking tape at all. Formations: Jumpgate, has many textures in its white area, many layers of gessoed surfaces, there is something interesting there that I might continue on in future paintings.

Anna in Wellington

Went to Wellies to see my art in the New Zealand Art show and the sites. This was my entry into the Signature Piece award, ‘Undiscovered Country 2011’














Here is the other work found in the big hall (thanks Rose), not sure where the other two entries were but I’m glad I found two of them. Worth the trip I recon, even if I didn’t sell anything. It was good to see my work with lots of other peoples, I think I have some better ideas for display methods for the future as well so a positive experience 🙂 I like to think of this show as the last time those particular paintings will make an appearance, they’ve been in three shows now, so its time to retire I think.

Desert Road—-> Probably the best thing ever.

In other news, some art school friends (Jeremy, Priscilla and Mel) and I have had our proposal accepted by Artstation in Town (Auckland) for an exhibition May next year, its focus is on the underlying renewal processes within the environment and culture. And its going to be awesome.

And in other Anna related news, painting detail:

Emerging artist awards – Upstairs gallery

Got accepted into THIS:

I will be showing my work ‘From Fire’ in a 20 person show. Exhibition is next Thursday, 5 July 2012 (6 – 8pm) Opening and Presentation ceremony. Hope to see you there 🙂

Pic unrelated.

We are all made of stardust – Unbound Exhibition at ArtStation

Recently I submitted a work for the Youth Art Committee exhibition ‘Unbound’ and it got accepted in.

“YAC invited young artists to alter found books, in any way possible. Books have been re-formed, morphed, combined, transformed, destroyed, dismantled, transfigured, responded to and adapted. “

‘We are all made of star dust’ Collaged images from five Learn-to-Read books on gessoed Fabriano

In my art practice I usually use images from books and magazines to create my paintings. For this project instead of using the images for references I chose to use the actual images removed from the books. I collected together five children’s learn-to-read books about space, the universe, Earth and the creatures that live in it.

This image represents a section of the DNA molecule which forms the basis of most life on Earth. I was influenced by Carl Sagan’s quote: “The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff.” -Cosmos