Pyrrole Orange Eclipse 2022

This years The Trusts Waitākere Arts 35th exhibition was held in the Genesis Lounge in Trust Arena, there were many wonderful entries in different mediums, including a section for youth art.
It was great to be back out exhibiting with fellow artists after what seemed a lifetime.

I entered into the Looking West section, with my work Pyrrole Orange Eclipse, a diptych – acrylic on circular MDF panels.

Inspiration for this work came from a somewhat unlikely source, a very old interesting looking rubbish bin that up until August 2022 sat proudly (and potentially unsafely) in Lincoln Centers carpark. I finally took a picture of it earlier this year and it inspired a theme of bright orange.

Combined with road cones which I enjoy putting in artworks every now and again, comets & a motorway overpass made of space – this work is a bit “out there” even for me.
A cheeky Kauri Dieback manual hikers cleaning station made it’s way in as well – a nod to my short time volunteering to refill the cleaning stations in Waitākere ranges.

I liked the idea of seeing a little bit of the sides which would usually either be painted white or kept natural – the orange helped with the theme and gave a thin crescent outline where the diptych joins.


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